Many Wellingtonians wander along the city’s waterfront every day, its vibrant atmosphere and collection of dining and activity areas certainly contribute to the city’s charm. Behind the scenes, council organisation, Wellington Waterfront works hard to ensure Wellingtonians and the world can enjoy this great public resource. Whats On Report researchers spoke to project manager Andrew Howie to see what’s happening at the Waterfront. 

One of the major projects under construction is the overseas terminal on Clydes Quay Wharf. The $100 million project combining civil and commercial elements will strengthen the wharf, and provide new shops along with a new luxury multi-million dollar apartment building (listed on J3852, civil aspect on J71038). Works began in January this year and are expected to continue on until late 2014.  After being proposed nearly ten years ago Mr Howie was thrilled to see it underway. Another project underway was repairs to the wharf walkways for maximum public safety. Recent structural assessments showed the waterfront area was in great shape and posed no danger to the public but maintenance work is always essential. These repairs will carry on throughout 2012, see J134786. Planned for the future is the refurbishment of Shed Six (J84656) which could potentially be used as a temporary town hall in 2014 while the heritage-listed hall undergoes structural strengthening. There is also the development of the Frank Kitts Park (J76970) including a 300sq m Chinese garden which could potentially go ahead in 2013. These are just a few of the many projects envisioned for the ever evolving waterfront, despite the already excellent work there is no sign of slowing down for the Wellington Waterfront workers and Mr Howie. Make sure you follow the Whats On to see everything that’s coming up.

Reporter: Anna Geddes, 4 April 2012. Photo: Researchers Anna Geddes & Ben Lynch at Wellington Waterfront.


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