Structural engineer Peter Johnstone has recently signed off dozens of major central Wellington buildings since the early 1970s, and says the city is far better prepared than our Southern compatriots were, if a major earthquake was to strike. “Wellington has been expecting one for at least 45 years, with codes that required buildings to withstand far greater forces than those built in Christchurch”, says Mr Johnstone. He claims buildings in Wellington are designed to be twice as strong as those in Christchurch, and furthermore, the potential for liquefaction is slight, as the ground in the nation’s capital is far stronger. Building codes in Wellington have been far stricter for many years, as the city’s geology is very well-defined. This being said, some of the city’s major buildings do require further seismic strengthening to work in accordance with the strict earthquake codes now imposed, including the Majestic Centre (J110056), and the Turnbull House (J115002).

Source: The Dominion Post, Tuesday 24 July 2012 (BL)


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