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What I worry about and more US money printing.

Not everyone wants to read or download the whole Weekly Overview, and the way we use social media means it has become optimal to alter the way I present my publication. I will continue to attach the entire pdf with this email each week. But from now on I shall also create separate pdfs for what I consider to be the most interesting sections and note them each week in this introduction for those who simply want the non-regular material. To whit…

Last week I received good feedback on the section regarding personal investment. So here is the link to that section only in its own pdf.


In addition here is the link to the article about US debt and why the Chinese won’t dump it.


I know some people are also only interested in the housing section. Here is last week’s and this week’s in order. Because I will be presenting a specific link for this section each week it will now on average contain more discussion than has traditionally been the case and will incorporate my “If I were A Borrower What Would I Do?” section.  This week I break down the data from the BNZ-REINZ Residential Market Survey to see what is happening in Auckland.



There is something important which exporters need to understand as they struggle with a high NZD. I discuss it here.


Here is a link to my monthly article written for the NZ China Trade Association.


This morning I also released my monthly Growing With China publication. To get on its mailing list send me an email. To go to it directly click here.


This link will take you to the weekly column I write for some regional newspapers. It does not change.


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