Central Auckland’s traffic woes will be over three months earlier than expected, with the $340 million Victoria Park Tunnel project set to open in November this year. The closure of Wellington Street On-ramp this month is key to the tunnel’s early opening, says NZTA state highways manager Tommy Parker. During the seven-month-long closure, a new on-ramp will be built and construction of the southern portal of the tunnel completed. The entire project, which includes the widening of SH1 through Saint Marys Bay and the reconfiguration of the existing Victoria Park viaduct, will be complete March 2012, two months ahead of schedule. See U21514 for detail on the Victoria Park Tunnel project, first reported on by Whats On Report in July 1998, giving our clients the opportunity to get involved from the early concept stage. Contact Us for information on how the projects leads Whats On Report provides could add value to your business.

Source: New Zealand Construction News, 3 May 2011 (BL)


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