Tuhoe recently announced plans to construct a new $15 million dollar building that will serve as a headquarters for the tribe in Taneatua during 2013. The 95 percent timber building will be entirely green, producing as much energy as it consumes through the largest solar panel installation in New Zealand, according to Jasmax Architect Ivan Mercup. The building would strive to meet tough internationally-recognised standards from the living building challenge. “You often have to persuade the client to do this, but Tuhoe people told us they have lived this way all their lives and we achieved an immediate positive response,” said Mr Mercup. To meet the standard, wastewater would be contained with treated effluent used to “enrich the earth” and rain water would be stored for use on site. No building in New Zealand currently meets the living building challenge. Follow progress on the project with us at J142690.

Source: Whakatane Beacon, 31 August 2012 (AG)


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