Construction of a new student hub at Victoria University in Wellington is running according to schedule. The Whats On Report was recently given the opportunity to visit the University and gain an insight into what’s involved in redeveloping a live University campus over the course of eight trimesters. The University has invested up to $67 million into the ‘Campus Hub’ project which primarily involves the construction of a new central building to replace the old quad and refurbishments to the existing library building.

Mainzeal Construction Manager, John Igglesden, emphasised the fact that the biggest challenge has been working in an environment where staff and students work each day. A number of provisions have been put in place for this, including scheduling noisy and disruptive works for particular times of the day or at the weekend. Once complete, the new three-level building will provide new social and study spaces.

The north elevation of the new central building will have four large sliding doors that will automatically open on hot days, and be closed on windy and cold ones. According to Igglesden these glass doors, once installed, will be the largest glass doors in operation in the Southern Hemisphere.

The library in the existing Rankine Brown building is receiving substantial internal refurbishments as well as the addition of a new quiet study space on the third floor of the new central building. The new library is designed to be flexible, so as the requirements of students and staff change over time, the library will be able to change too.  Many areas of the building including the AV suite on Level 9 will be open-plan study areas with more space for collaborative study and computer access.

Overall completion for the central building is timed for April 2013 with the library work completed in 2014; we look forward to seeing the final result.

Reporter: WOR researcher Stephanie Moore
Photographer: Ella Trotter. Top: Researchers onsite Alyse Leitao, Ella Trotter, Stephanie Moore & Anna Geddes. Bottom (Left to right): New Central building & WOR Researchers get shown around by Mainzeal Project Manager John Igglesden.


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