After years of hard work and preparation, Stratum Management’s vision for two new $80 million dollar apartment towers has finally become a reality. The views are fantastic; the modern design is award worthy, and we’d all like to own one, so Whats On Report thought it was time to check out the newest sought-after inner city haven - Republic and Republic II.

Approaching the Northern Tower on Tennyson Street and looking up at the grand brick facade, it is evident that design and aesthetic were a priority. Designed by Allan Wright of Architecture+, the structure blends style with functionality to create a modern, chic looking apartment complex. Clearly there is a harmonious union between architect and developer; the two companies boast a fifteen year working relationship. In fact, loyalty and strong relationships is key to Stratum’s success. They continuously use the same contracting companies for all of their ventures, personally overseeing projects from start to finish; Project Manager Robert Clemens believes it is important to keep control all the way through to achieve the best result.

Stratum’s Robert Clemens on the top floor of Republic II with WOR researchers Emma Mayer & Ella Trotter.

The Republic apartments only use 70% of land space to make room for big light wells and landscaped areas. This initiative was recognised by the council as good design and has rewarded Stratum by allowing them to exceed the 27meter height limit with an extra floor.

Robert Clemens, Stratum Management on the balcony of a Republic apartment.

Work is still underway on the southern tower, so we decided to head up in the construction lift (managed by the friendly worker named “uncle”) to check out the view from the top. The happy family of contractors are working hard to get the roof on before Christmas. After that, it’s a rush to lift the crane out and get the lift in, a process which takes 14 weeks – all in timed for completion in June 2011.

Stratum Group have a number of building projects on the cards, with 250 apartments consented for in the Wellington Region. On the list is a new Scandinavian inspired apartment building with two triangular towers – something never seen in Wellington before. There seems to be no sigh of Stratum slowing down, and with their unique designs and quality buildings, we don’t see a reason they should!

Reporter: Ella Trotter
Editor: Emma Mayer


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