After 560 days, over 500 contractors, some death-defying roof work and installation of a few New Zealand firsts, the Kilbirnie Multi-sports Centre is now days away from completion. Whats On Report Researchers were lucky enough to get a sneak peek into the $47.5 million dollar project with a personal tour from Andrew Collins of Mainzeal Construction to find out what all the hype was about.

 It’s been in the pipeline and WOR database for more than 10 years, so it would be fair to say the almost finished product is quite an impressive structure. Construction produced a number of challenges, but everyone was able to stick to schedule to ensure opening in time for the Rugby World Cup. These challenges included working on the roof top in 35-40 km/h winds. Upwards of 25 men would work on the roof at a time to ensure it was done as quickly as possible. Mr Collins said that due to time constraints and Wellington’s famous climate there was no time to wait for a calm day. Another challenge was making the installation of the floor perfect for the sports courts, the dimensions, line and hoop placements had to be precise to ensure fair games and to meet sporting standards.

Left to right: Ben Lynch, Eugene Zhang, Anna Geddes, Hannah Dunn, Mainzeal’s Andrew Collins & Ella Trotter.

With less than a month until opening, there were hard-working contractors everywhere ironing out last minute details. Flat screen televisions needed to be installed in the lobby, spectator seating for 3000 to be assembled and the floors were ready for their final buff. Apart from that the building is all ready to go, featuring massive pre-cast panels to resist earthquake damage and an aluminum roof that is expected to hold up to the marine environment and last at least 70 years. The building was designed by Tennent + Brown Architects, renowned for their sustainable design, and Mr Collins is sure their innovative sports complex will be up for a few awards. Opening day is early next month and the Whats On researchers highly recommend you check out this state of the art facility.

Getting the inside scoop: WOR Researcher Anna Geddes
 talks with Mainzeal’s Andrew Collins.
Reporter: Anna Geddes WOR

Editor: Ella Trotter WOR

Photos: Ella Trotter


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