Parents and children alike will be pleased to hear that a brand new Chipmunks Playground and Cafe is planned for Maui Street in Hamilton. Site preparation and earthworks commenced at the beginning of February with Project Manager Tony Houghton, calling it the “best and biggest in New Zealand yet”. The playground itself goes up to three levels high and will include several air balloon slides, castles, ball pools as well as an all-new-merry-go-round, wave bed, mini spin and happy boat features for children to navigate. The playground will be able to cater for up to 325 patrons, with three party rooms and a modern café and restaurant. Overall completion of the project is timed for late June 2012 with the official opening scheduled just in time for the July 2012 school holidays. And expansion plans don’t seem to be slowing in 2012 either, with a number of areas and regions in the process of site selection for the upcoming year. Areas confirmed for new Chipmunks Playgrounds and Cafes include Wellington (J114946), Palmerston North (J114946) and Napier (J137884). The photos below provide a visual of the process at the Hamilton site.


Reporter: Stephanie Moore, February 2012


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