The Rugby World Cup begins this week, meaning years of planning and hard work has paid off to get New Zealand ready for six weeks in the global spotlight. The Whats On Report has been following a multitude of projects that have been timed to open before the descent of international rugby fans. This includes the recently opened Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin (J3038), Three SkyCity Bar Facilities (J127610) and Fan Zones in Auckland and the amazing redevelopment of Wynyard Quarter (J12313). There have also been a lot of new and upgraded bars all over the country including the new Brew Bar in Wellington (J131487) where fans can console themselves or celebrate victory. Now the final touches of these projects have been completed we can all celebrate this monumental sporting event and admire the hard work that has gone into making New Zealand look world class.

Reporter: Anna Geddes, WOR Researcher, 7 September 2011


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