Upgrades to the Newtown Park flats are now underway, triggering the next phase of Wellington City Councils $400 million project to upgrade government housing. The programme is expected to continue for up to 20 years and 35,000 tenants are expected to benefit from the upgrades. Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said, “not only does this mean our tenants are getting safer, warmer and nicer places to live but the project is now also contributing to the local economy in these tough times”. Council is spending around $150,000 on each unit, leaving residents with homes that are fully insulated and have double glazed windows and modern interiors. Whats On report has been following this project since 2008, see J100156 for further detail. Contact Us for more leads like this...

Source: The Dominion Post, 19 April 2011 (EM)


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