Along with the hustle and bustle of everyday business activities, CentrePort Wellington are in the throes of developing a multimillion dollar port-side business park. The Whats On Report research team recently went down to take a look and gain an insiders perspective on the project. It was an eye opening experience to see the rapidly growing business hub in action; impressively large industrial warehouses were buzzing with activity while visible progress and change could be seen throughout the park.

CentrePort currently plays host to the likes of BNZ, Statistics New Zealand, Telstra Clear and New Zealand Custom Services and this list is expected to grown within the next few years. 

We joined other port enthusiasts on a one hour bus ride through the CentrePort property, taking in the shear size of the Port which houses 30ha of logging, 2200 storage containers, a 13,000 square metre warehouse, thousands of vehicles, 200 friendly staff and a whole lot more.

New potential projects for the Business Park include new office buildings (J90202) and (J86845), and a commercial development that could involve a Hotel (J111408). Coming to the end of the tour, the bus passed the historic brick buildings, Maritime House and Shed 35, which had been used as construction houses. Whats On Report found out that investigations were underway to strengthen and convert these buildings for a commercial use. See J132717 for further detail. Tours are on the first Friday of every month, a bit thanks to the hosts at CentrePort.

Reporters: Ben Lynch & Ella Trotter
Photo: A CentrePort Workshop, Ella Trotter


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