After careful evaluation Watts & Hughes Construction has been appointed for the AC Baths refurbishment in Taupo. The major redevelopment of the historic baths is scheduled to kick-off in August 2012, the first stage of a $5.9 million dollar project to be completed over the next 18 months. Tauranga based construction company Watts & Hughes were chosen for the job based on their successful upgrade of the Whakatane District Council’s aquatic centre, with both jobs involving similar elements. Mayor Rick Cooper praised the work of Council staff, "This Council wants the project to go really well. We will ask the hard questions to make sure that the work stacks up. We want to get the best outcome for this community.” Further rehabilitation works as well as a new leisure pool and learn-to-swim pool are in early planning stages and will go through a separate tender process in the coming months.  Follow the project with us at J129874, and for the further stages J141614.

Source:, 11 July 2012 (AG)


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