Upper North Island Whats On Researcher Stephanie Moore visited sunny Tauranga late last week and, although construction of larger commercial buildings has been slow over the years, the city has a lot to offer in terms of present and future development.

 A couple of notable mentions go to the two mixed-use commercial buildings that are currently under construction in the CBD within a kilometer of each other. One of these buildings, situated on the corner of First Avenue and Devonport Road will be the city’s first ‘green star’ rated building (aiming for four), paving the way for future commercial projects to follow suit. Owners of the eco-friendly building, Sharpac Properties LP, insisted that the building incorporate as many green principles as possible in the design of the building, including the ability to recycle rain water. Main contractors Watts and Hughes were busy at it when the Whats On stopped by, with the Construction Manager saying they were on track to have it completed by March 2012. Refer to J95270 for our summary of the project.

 The second construction site visited, named “247 Cameron” is on the corner of Cameron Road and Elizabeth Street and has been underway since July 2011. This four storey multi-purpose building will be the largest office building to go up in the CBD for 20 years, covering approximately 8000sqm of land. The building is to house a number of high profile businesses, including Bayleys, KPMG, Staples Rodway and Cooney Lees Morgan and will include a café and auction room on the bottom floor for meet and greets. The building will boast a number of contemporary features including Category 6 cabling, which makes for fast broadband, as well as three lifts that will offer tenants direct entry to their floor. With construction scheduled to be complete by September 2012 there is a while to go, but we look forward to seeing the end result. For more information on the development see J90807.

 Whats On Report have been following the construction of a set of boutique offices at the end of Hamilton Rd since 2010 and thought they were worth a visit. It was particularly interesting to see how the site and designs had come together; the two-storey offices spaced out around the site are stunning and have character to boot. Owners’ JWL Investments occupy one of the buildings as well as insurance brokers Crombie Lockwood who moved there in June 2011. Construction is currently underway for a matching boutique building at the site that Bay Urology (formerly Promed Urology) will move into in January 2012. There is still one more space to lease in this quiet business centre but it shouldn’t be long before it is snapped up as it is a truly lovely area. See J128175 for further details.

 The nature of these projects is an indication that developers in the area are making smart decisions in regards to design and overall scope. With examples like these to follow, Tauranga is headed in the right direction.

 Reporter: Stephanie Moore, 25 November 2011
Editor: Ella Trotter
Photos top to bottom: Cnr First Ave and Devonport Rd, 'Eco-building', Final product, '247 Cameron', Hamilton Rd, boutique offices.


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