Christchurch City Council’s ‘blueprint’ for the earthquake-damaged central business district was released last night after 100 days of development. As many as 840 properties will be brought in order to turn the Government’s plans for rebuilding Christchurch into reality. The plan outlines the shrinkage of size of the CBD by designating two areas (in the east of the city and one in the south) as open spaces. Also outlined in the plan is the destination of the city’s replacement convention centre, which is to be located in Victoria Square. Plans for the CBD are still in the early stages and it is expected that developments will proceed once land acquisitions have been arranged. See WOR listing J135240 for the $177 million new conference centre planned for a 24,000sq m block alongside Cathedral Square & J141863 for the new metro sports facility on the former Turners and Growers site, with seating for 35,000 people.

Source: The Press, 30 July 2012 (HD)


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